Miami Beach 1988 to 1995

Miami is known as a destination for party goers, and beach enthusiasts, but it wasn’t always like that. For nearly 2 decades, the city was filled with drugs, crime and corruption that took away from it’s beauty.

In the late 80s, London based photographer and filmmaker Barry Lewis left London for the tropical destination to give the world a peak of the reemerging ocean front destination. Recently, he compiled some of his best shots into the photo book, Miami Beach 1988 - 1995.

This city has always been known for its diversity, and artistic mid-century modern flair that was at it’s peak in the early 90s. Before it became the high profile and celebrity driven destination it is today, it was a safe haven for the LGBTQ community, Caribbean refugees, immigrants from Latin America, retirees and others looking for an escape. This melding of so many different cultures created an eccentric melting pot of personalities, that Barry captures perfectly in his black and white images.

While this is not exclusively about fashion, it does show you how diverse the fashion and lifestyle was of Miami Beach locals and tourists 30 years ago. Here’s a look at some of my favorite shots in the book.

This book is now available to purchase through Hoxton Mini Press in the UK, and on Amazon.

You can also purchase a collector’s edition that is signed and comes with one of four prints to frame and display Here.

Visit Barry Lewis Photography to learn more about Barry, and see more of his work.